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brain_bogglers's Journal

A place for science theory & exploratory dialogue
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This is the new community, Brain Bogglers!

It is for people with strong interests in anthropology, evolution, biology, psychology, economics, or similar things. But more important, people who want to share their ideas with others who have different-yet-related interests, and see what new concepts or theories they can discover or create together. It's all about synergy, man.

This is a community for people interested in human evolution, our impact on the environment, and how geology and climate change have worked to put us where we are! But more than this, it is a community for people of scientific curiosity to dialogue about history and the future, to discover new ideas or theories about how we are changing - how the planet is changing. We are interesting in sharing ideas and helping each other figure out just what the hell is going on. We are not interested in environmental or theocratic or scientific NAY-SAYERS! We want to share our observations on what is, and has been occurring, to the earth and to society and to other species, to come up with new concepts for the future. We believe in synergy - of ideas of anthropology, climate change, economics, resource-use, etc., to help us figure out the reality of the past and the reality of our future. We invite people with strong interests in the environment, anthropology, psychology, archaeolology, and related topics, to actually talk to each other and try to come to some new hypotheses or guesses about the past and the future. Simple observations about recent news events, or even questions for discussion, are welcomed! If you care about the earth and about humanity, then this is a good community to join - because we are seeking answers TOGETHER! There will also be an updatable chronology where you can add your important dates for events in pre/history which relate to our life's development, your thoughts on them, etc. - whether that be in sociology, climate change, astrology, economics, whatever - and they will be inserted - and then anyone can reference this in "Memories". We want to see the connections!

Be sure to promote! Any suggestions for insertion of info here, listings of interests, other ideas, please let me know. Serious maintainers are welcomed to help. Anyone who wants to manage the Timeline may become a maintainer, but you must have a discerning mind for facts.

This will be updated soon.

Thanks for joining!